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What Will Happen Next? What Will Happen Next?

Rated 3 / 5 stars


this is pretty good considering i suck but this joke while funny is stolen from a show however this would be good with better quality and mabey some intense musak. overall i give this an eight but since this is not a completely original idea i have to deduce two. keep up the good work

Cats & Dogs Cats & Dogs

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


newgrounds has enough stuff like this. please if you are going to make a video make it inspiring or funny or something. i cant understand the accent. the animation isnt the best considering that there isnt any lip synch. and what is with the whooaaaah at the end of the video i would reccomend not putting cheap stuff up on newgrounds becuse it just cloggs up the portal. i will at least give one star for the effort of putting it up. just because this review is not positive does not mean it is useless

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MetalAnt responds:

So Is Your Face!

50 Frames Collab 50 Frames Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i love this video and all of its contents however i liked some more than others such as the one with the top hat...............anyway they are all good and i think that you have found a pretty epic type of video...............................t he credits should be an option in the menu cause it takes forever to restart the vid...........instead of having the same people make like 5 scenes you should have 50 different guys or gals each make 1 cause you will get a better rating................try to get some of the more epic animators in there too cause it will be another ratings booster such as Tom Fulp or mabey the creators of brawl taunts would ad a win also................also the gus who make the animations should add a little more humor such as the one with the random water drops they need to have some sort of base guidelines....................THE MUSIC IS A VERY GOOD CHOICE..................i think this vidwould climb its way to internet fame if you just made a few changes

Uber Episodes #14 SPECIAL Uber Episodes #14 SPECIAL

Rated 3 / 5 stars

shows promise

this wasnt the very best thing cause most people would want to see a flash remake of the songs or some other junk. second. this isnt the original song by them and the remix isnt supported by them so whats the point, third. whats with the animation and the text like any one can see/ read it, but you could perhaps just do a simple slide show of images and clips and you would get a much better rating, IM NOT SAYING I HATE IT I JUST THINK IT COULD BE BETTER! AND I DONT HATE GREEN DAY I SUPPORT ALL MUSIC (except walmart dolphin pothead polka/emo/alternative)

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